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Strength & conditioning, Bootcamp, HIIT

Benjamin Lurie

Kettlebell Coach creating a strong foundation.

€ 75 / 60 min
Individual trainings only


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I became a personal trainer in 2021 after I dislocated my knee in 2019. During my rehabilitation I became fascinated with the human body and what it was capable of. I decided to learn more within the field of fitness and pass the knowledge I have acquired onto others.

During 2020 I fell in love with kettlebells. I took a course and regularly train with kettlebells myself.

I believe that every trainer has their pros and cons and there will always be someone better than you.

People have stressful lives and what sets me apart, is during a session I take the time to listen to you and push you to reach your own potential.

I find technique to be paramount as creating a strong base is what sets you up for success in the future.


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