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Bootcamp - trainers, locations, business and more!

Do you want to have a full body workout? Solo or together with friends? Outdoor or indoor? A bootcamp with one of the Jimme trainers is the perfect choice!

Jimme offers multiple bootcamp trainers all over Amsterdam that can provide you with a fun full-body workout training. A bootcamp is the perfect way to get stronger and stay fit at the same time. Our bootcamp trainers are very diverse in their training methods, ranging from circuit training using only body weight and plyometric exercises to exercises more focused on the use of fitness equipment. A bootcamp with one of the trainers is accessible for all levels of participants. The trainer makes sure that they adapt each training session to every athlete. 

Below you can find the different trainers who are available! Also check out the opportunities and extra information on what Jimme offers in bootcamp training. You can now book one of our bootcamp trainers for a personal or small group training!

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Bootcamp trainers

Bootcamp small group classes

A bootcamp is the perfect way to get fit with your friends and get the personal attention you deserve. Through Jimme you can book your own personal bootcamp trainer. The location and equipment are all taken care of, all you have to do is show up and give it your all and don’t forget to have some fun! It’s a great way to start or finish the day with the people you want.

Bootcamp locations

Jimme has trainers who provide training all over Amsterdam. You can start your day with a bootcamp in Vondelpark or end your day with one at Eastbound Gym. The possibilities are endless! Below are just a couple of locations where you can book your personal training.

Bootcamp gyms:

Besides these locations Jimme offers more! Just type in a location in the search bar to have a look at the possibilities.

Bootcamp & your business

At Jimme we see ourselves as the partner in sport for businesses. That’s why we also offer corporate bootcamp training sessions. We think it is very important for an employer to keep its employees fit! Below are some of the reasons why you boost workouts within your company:

  • Team Building exercise
  • Increased health & productivity
  • Extra employer benefits

Contact us through the corporate page and let’s see what Jimme can do for you!

What exactly is a bootcamp?

A bootcamp is a muscle-strengthening training method performed solo or in a group under the supervision of a fitness instructor/ personal trainer. The goal is to improve strength and endurance over time through group workout.

An important aspect of such training is the group. Because of the team, the participants exercise more intensely than they would individually, so that the efficiency of the training increases. Exercises vary from body weight to exercises with fitness equipment. The important part is that every level of athlete can enrol in such training. The bootcamp originated from the military but now it is one of the most common forms of training for the public.

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